North Carolina Retired School Personnel
 Region 5
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Granville County
Winner of the Gold Star in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.and 2016.
*To enroll all eligible retirees.
*To advocate for improvements in retirement and health care.
*To be a contributing force in the community through education and service programs.
*To develop capable leadership.
*To assure financial responsibility.
*To develop effective communications.
*To work with the active NCAE.
Projects For the Year 2018-2019

​Lend a Helping Hand (School Supplies)
American Education Week
Senior Centers at Christmas
Read Across America
Educator's Appreciation Week
New Teacher's Breakfast
Fundraisers for 2017-2018
Scholarship Raffle
Educators' Fund


Laura Keith

Vice President
Francine Ebron

Jannie Preddy

Lois Gooch
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   2016 Platnium Award  Winner for receiving the Gold Star Award
                 for 5 years.
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Granville County Schools

Dates                                     Time                                                            Place                                                                          
September 12, 2018          11:00 am                             Old South Restaurant in Butner, NC
October 3, 2018                   9:30 am                             Region 5 Fall Conference at NCAE Center in Raleigh, NC                                        
November 14, 2018           10:15 am                             Granville County Senior Center in Oxford, NC
December 12, 2018           11:00 am                             House of Ribeye in Oxford, NC            
February 13, 2019             10:15 am                             South Branch of Richard Thornton Library in Butner, NC
March 6, 2019                      9:30 am                             Region 5 Spring Conference @ NCAE Center in Raleigh, NC
April 4-5, 2019                                                                NCRSP State Convention @ Sheraton Imperial in Durham, NC
April 10, 2019                     10:15 am                            Granville County Senior Center in Oxford, NC
May 8, 2018                        12:30 pm                            TBA    End of Year Celebration                                                                      

Betty Huffman Award Recipient
       Volunteer for 2017
              Dana King
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